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Moleskine ‘Note’ Book

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Moleskine Music Note Book

My new Moleskine

I have for a number of years been a fan of Moleskine notebooks (not Moleskin), I use them for lyrics, song ideas, passwords and other data I really can’t afford to lose. I got a Moleskine Music notebook for my birthday and am very pleased that I did.

Great little Note Book

For a music notebook it is a little small, but what it lacks in size is more than justified by it’s useful pocket-friendly size. My guitar lessons have paved the way for me to use this little beauty. Before, I would have used tab to etch out my music, but now I am a (s l o w) music reader and writer. I will be making good use of this portable note machine, alongside other celebrated Moleskine users like Van Gogh, Chatwin and even Pete Doherty.

Andante in C

Friday, April 28th, 2006

This is a wonderful piece of classical music for guitar by Mauro Giuliani.

Downloads: Andante in C pdf, Andante in C Midi File

Andante means “A relaxed, walking tempo”.