Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela

I have just discovered Rodrigo y Gabriela, if you already know their music, you are probably nodding in silent acknowledgement and with a knowing grin. These Mexican born artists now reside in Ireland and blend classical, flamenco, jazz and heavy metal all using nylon strung acoustic guitars.

Acoustic = Freedom

Gabriela, the flamenco/percussion half of the duo says “Acoustic equals freedom”. I was coming to the same conclusions myself. I have seen my guitar setup shrink from Marshall stacks to just a classical guitar. Which makes it nice and easy to carry round, doesn’t need any AC or DC to make it work and will not get me evicted from my flat.

Rodrigo y Gabriela – The Album

If you like guitars – buy the Rodrigo y Gabriela album, and if you play guitars – buy this album immediately! It comes with a Limited Edition DVD which includes interviews, live footage and more importantly for guitar players – a tutorial Gabriela and Rodrigo show us how to play Tamacun. I am trying to master the flamenco/percussion side of things and Gabriela’s tricks and technique are brilliant and truly inspiring. Highly recommended.

Rodrigo and Gabriela are guitar heroes for the twenty first century. Fans of Page and Metallica, they have made it cool to play Stairway to Heaven again – guitar shops beware!

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