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Guitar Toolkit iPhone Application

Tuning the guitar has always been a bit of a drag for me. I can tune by ear, but to get to perfect pitch, I need a guitar tuner. I have used pitch pipes and tuning forks, but much prefer an electronic tuner. I have had many electronic tuners over the years, all of them a lot more expensive than my new one. Unlike any other tuner I have ever owned, I will not part with it. It stays with me, welded to me, wherever I go. My new tuner will not get lost or buried away in a cupboard.

Guitar Toolkit

Better still, my new tuner is also a metronome, tuning reference and chord library. The Guitar Toolkit iPhone App is the best guitar gizmo I have ever used. It has a really funky display and is now an essential part of my guitar kit. I have found it to be an inspirational and fun practice and tuning aid. The only drawback is that I can’t plug my guitar lead into my iPhone. I have tried, but hell, on my original iPhone, I can’t even slip a regular mini jack into it, without an adapter. If you are gigging, you might want to hang on to your normal tuner, with a socket. But for practice and showing off in front of your mates, the Guitar Toolkit comes highly recommended.

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